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Wooden Carved Incense Burners

Wooden Carved Incense Burners

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Take a look at these unique and beautiful Wooden Carved Incense Burners. They will make an excellent gift for every cat and yoga lovers.

These Wooden Incense Burners are hand carved for Naturally Yours Dropshipping by Indonesian craftsmen from Suar Wood.Although carved in a similar posture, every wood carving is unique and different from others.

We recommend using our Wooden Carved Incense Burners with wooden incense cone holders. Just place the cone on the wooden disc, light the tip of the cone with a match or lighter and place our Wooden Yoga Cat on top of it. The smoke will find the way out through the catsandapos; paws.

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7.5x12x17 (cm), 1.53L, 0.18Kg/L
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