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Croll & Denecke

Croll & Denecke Loofah Beauty Products

Croll & Denecke Loofah Beauty Products

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Your own Natural Beauty can be enhanced by using natural products and these loofahs are perfectly natural!  These High-quality eco cosmetic sponges, powder puffs and applicators ensure the perfect eco balance in the creation of your own look for today.


Loofah is a one hundred percent natural product obtained from the inside of ripe loofah plants harvested in the tropics, provides a zero waste solution and delivers on the Eco World that we are striving to protect.

These Croll & Denecke Loofah Products substitute products in common use that sadly, often contain plastic.

Croll & Denecke Loofah Exfoliating Pads

These pads exfoliates the skin, getting rid of your old skin flakes naturally. Just add some water and soap, and your face will have a lovely natural glow.

The loofah pads can replace exfoliating peeling gels which cuts out micro plastics from your beauty care.

Comes in a pack of 5
Made from the Loofah cucumber
All natural product
Cosmetic Accessoires

Croll & Denecke Loofah Facial Pad (1)

The loofah pad gently exfoliates the skin removing old skin flakes naturally. You can now avoid exfoliating gels containing micro plastics with this product. Just add some water, soap and your face will glow the natural glow you deserve.

Single Pad
Made from the loofah cucumber
All natural product
Naturally grown in the seas

Croll & Denecke Loofah Glove

This Double Sided Loofah Massage Glove consists of natural loofah material to exfoliate your whole body. Gently remove the old skin while relaxing in the knowledge that you are using a beauty product that is eco friendly, good to the planet, zero waste. 

Made from the loofah cucumber
All natural product

Croll & Denecke Sisal / Cotton Massage Glove

This is a sustainable eco product made from perfectly natural materials providing a good natural exfoliator for different skin types. Soft on the cotton side and exfoliating on the sisal side.

76 % sisal, 24 % organic cotton
Vegan and vegetarian friendly
All natural materials
Natural exfoliation
Natural massage product.

These top end massage products made with natural and renewable materials such as sisal, flax, linen, wood and cotton ensure a superbly deep cleanse and wonderful relaxation.

Whether you use massage brushes, sponges, gloves or belts, your relaxation is assured with our exquisite massage products from nature.

Croll & Denecke Sisal Back Exfoliating Strap

The Croll & Denecke Sisal Strap has a lotus wood handle and is made of sisal and cotton.

With this strap it is much easier to exfoliate your back and shoulders. Perfect to unwind and massage those aching muscles.

Sisal Strap
Made of Lotus wood
Sisal & Cotton

Facial Pads (4) (in Ramie Bag) 

Have these Eco Friendly Bamboo Cotton Facial Pads because they are reusable and plastic-free. The Four soft pads come in a ramie bag, which is used as a washing bag for the pads after use. The pads can be washed on a  60 degrees Celsius wash.

Of course they're:

Zero Waste
and Plastic-free

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