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Glass Jar Natural Soy Wax

Glass Jar Natural Soy Wax

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Glass Jar Candle (30cl) in Natural Soy Wax

Natural Candles That Are Eco-Friendly 

Soy candles, Coconut Candles or indeed any Natural candles are a essential for your eco home! Whilst being perfect for enhancing your living with beautiful aromas, you’re safe in the knowledge that they are completely natural and chemical free.

When it comes to natural candles its not just the vegan, cruelty-free, organic, eco ingredients that are environmentally friendly, the eco friendly packaging is too!ll These natural candles come in a glass jar that is recyclable and reusable. These vegan and natural candles are also plastic free so you can help reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint. As you’d expect, all our vegan and natural candles are supplied in plastic free packaging that is eco-friendly and sustainable! In fact, all the packing is recycled wrap of recycled brown Kraft paper

Conventional, commercial options are typically made using paraffin and mineral wax, which are clearly bad for the environment and your wellbeing. Mineral and paraffin wax is made from resources that are not renewable but possibly even more important to the individual, can pose a significant risk to your health. Due to the dangerous chemicals it releases when burnt, Paraffin wax in particular can cause skin and eye irritation, and can even aggravate your lungs 

Natural candles conversely are ethical and chemical free and are a far more eco friendly than paraffin and mineral wax. 

Also, they burn clean and result in less soot, they also last longer meaning you will get more for your money. Our ethical, natural candles made with soy wax are vegan and cruelty-free. Soy wax is a vegetable wax derived from soybeans - easily renewed and with nothing artificial or synthetic!

There are also benefits of burning eco, vegan, natural candles that contain essential oils. They can help relive stress, anxiety and even improve your mood. Candles are also great for providing light and a sense of relaxation and calm.

  • Eco Friendly
  • No Palm Oil
  • No Paraffin
  • No Animal Testing Products
  • Eco Wicks
  • Animal Cruelty Free

Put some in your basket and save the world!!!

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