Tea Descriptions

There's a flavoursome range of Artisan Tea available from NaturallyYours.Shop, of course the ingredients are 100% Natural as you'd expect. 

Instructions for each blend are shown in the table below and more detailed about the blends follow.

Four Kingdoms
Rooibos Apple Cinnamon Yogurt
Rooibos is a plant that does not contain theine, so it is ideal for consumption at any time or for those who are hypertensive or somewhat nervous. It provides us with a great variety of properties such as antioxidants, remineralizing and diuretic.
USE: 2-3 grams per 200 ml at 95ºC and let stand for 4-5 minute

Mid-summer Magic
Red Tea Summer Silhouette
It is perfect for your detox and slimming diets. This combination contains the two most draining teas to aid in your diet: red tea and green tea. The perfect combination. And to that we add kiwi, strawberry, hibiscus, apple and rose hip. A delicious flavour for a perfect and healthy infusion.
USE: 2-3 grams per 200 ml at 90ºC-95ºC and let stand for 4-5 minutes.