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Your underwear.... you're likely to stick to one style such as thongs, bikini, or briefs if so, you're missing out on the many types of underwear for women available today.

NaturallyYours are all about affordable luxury, crafting everyday essentials and underwear from viscose derived from bamboo. The result is a silky smooth base layer that keeps you cool and comfortable with seam-free stretch. Boody' and WeDrifters' bamboo fabric maintains its shape and is great for sensitive skin. Bamboo fibres are naturally smooth and round with no sharp spurs to irritate skin. 

As there are so many options, it can get overwhelming if you're trying to make a change or just fancy or need a different style. That's where Naturally Yours come in.

We have a great selection of underwear made from bamboo and other natural, plant based fabrics. such fibres, like rayon, viscose and modal are made from plants, though they're chemically processed so they're not technically natural. These fabrics are super soft and often have moisture-wicking benefits so they draw sweat away from your body and dry faster than cotton.. 


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