Naturally Your Contribution to Saving Our Planet

Naturally Your Contribution to Saving Our Planet. It's Naturally Yours Issue 9

We're a small family business but we're doing our little bit to help save our planet with your assistance, we're already planting trees with our new scheme.

Every order that qualifies for Free Shipping also qualifies for a new tree!

There's some more great ideas here, from Imperial College, if you want to keep up the good work;

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"With so many experts on climate change here at Imperial, many people ask us what they personally can do about it? And how does this fit into the bigger picture? 

We spoke to our scientists at the Grantham Institute and drew up a list of the most achievable ways you personally can make a difference. While individuals alone may not be able to make drastic emissions cuts that limit climate change to acceptable levels, personal action is essential to raise the importance of issues to policymakers and businesses."

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