Bamboo for your eBike - It’s Naturally Yours Issue 2

Bamboo for your eBike - It's Naturally Yours Issue 2

The handmade bars absorb vibrations, reducing arm and body fatigue in riders
Handmade in New Zealand by bicycle accessory company Passchier, the Gump range of laminated bamboo bicycle handlebars are designed specifically to reduce pressure and vibration on a rider’s hands, arms and upper body. Created by outdoor enthusiasts who tested the handlebars in all conditions, the bars are named after the film character Forrest Gump who just kept running and running and running.

The Gump bars come in two different lengths, either 650 millimetres or 760 millimetres, both of which have a 22-degree rise. All versions include a carbon fibre sleeve for attaching the bars to the bike. The handlebars are tested far beyond a human’s capability for strength and resilience, and even when left outside in the elements, uncovered for two years, the handlebars still looked new. They cost approximately €215.

As well as the sustainability of the bamboo itself, the company creates as little waste as possible, using recyclable cardboard packaging and natural wood wool padding for shipping.

In the past year, Springwise has spotted an increasing number of creators who are embracing bamboo as a material in artisan products, not least because of its aesthetic beauty. Thanks to the versatility of this natural resource, we have seen innovations that range from vegan trainers with a bamboo lining to a Philippe Starck-designed, compressed bamboo gondola.

Written by: Keely Khoury

29th October 2021



Similar to bamboo, hemp is another sustainable plant that is growing in popularity as its use becomes more varied. Hampered for many years by the challenge of rendering the material as soft as cotton, hemp is finally beginning to climb the fashion ladder. The fabric is being seen in more catwalk shows and in a wider variety of products, including underwear. Capable of producing roughly three times as much material as cotton in the same amount of space, combined with its well-known ability to grow with much less water, hemp is well-positioned for significant growth across industries.
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